100 Thieves co-owner to take on LCS broadcast desk in guest appearance

Let's hope 100T doesn't trade Baron for Nexus again with their boss here.

A familiar face within the world of gamingeven more so to those familiar with 100 Thieves and its various esports teamsis bringing his decorated casting career to League of Legends for the first time.

Jack CouRage Dunlop, co-owner of 100 Thieves, revealed that he’ll be joining the LCS casting desk alongside Azael and CaptainFlowers during 100Ts match today against CLG. This will be the first time that CouRage has taken part directly in the LCS and the first time that players will have seen him casting a game of any kind in a number of years.

The LCS has been heavily investing in including esports personalities adjacent to League since the start of the 2023 Spring Split, such as QTCinderella and Bwipo. Various players currently competing in the LCS have also appeared in backstage segments and on the casting desk, allowing fans to gather more insight regarding their perspectives on the game as professionalsas well as seeing more of their personalities.

CouRage casted in the professional Call of Duty scene for a number of years before moving to content creation and eventually joining 100 Thieves alongside Nadeshot, where the pair and their extended team oversee operations of the organization and its involvement in esports and various other facets of popular culture. He even made a surprise appearance last year at the Call of Duty Championship grand finals to introduce the L.A. Thieves to the stage prior to their match against the Atlanta FaZewhich the Thieves ended up winning.

Though hes stepped away from casting, CouRage has retained a large following through content creation and streaming under the 100T brand.

100T are currently in fourth place in the 2023 LCS Spring Split with a 4-3 record, complete with a roster that includes the return of Closer, the re-pairing of NA legends Bjergsen and Doublelift, and the debut of rookies Tenacity and Busio. Their opponents this weekend consist of CLG today and Golden Guardians tomorrow, then moving on to the second round robin of the split.

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