100 Thieves cap off regular season with impressive comeback over Liquid, earning first-round bye in LCS Summer Playoffs

100 Thieves closed out the summer with wins in nine of their last 10 games.

Team Liquid needed a win to keep their hopes for a top-two seed in the LCS Summer Playoffs intact. For a strong majority of todays regular season finale against 100 Thieves, it looked as though they may have been on their way to a potential shot at the top two. 100 Thieves were resilient as ever, though, executing a perfect late-game comeback over Team Liquid and securing the second seed in the postseason for themselves following a 39-minute stunner. 

Team Liquid continuously ramped up an advantage throughout the early-game of todays contest, with the teams bottom lane duo of Hans Sama and CoreJJ accumulating a sizable lead by participating in all six of Liquids six kills prior to the 20-minute mark of the game. 

When that 20-minute mark eventually passed, Liquid had secured a team-wide gold lead of 5,000. 100 Thieves completely nixed the advantage within five minutes, though, as they won consecutive team fights across the map to fight their way back into the game. Throughout the late game, the two teams remained practically even across the board in kills, turrets, and overall gold. It wasnt until 100 Thieves won a three-for-one team fight 31 minutes in that allowed them to claim an Infernal Dragon Soul and build a strong enough advantage to close out the game. 

With this loss, Liquids hopes of claiming the second seed in the LCS Summer Playoffs have been crushed, as have LCS fans collective hopes for a tiebreaker game near the top of the standings. 

100 Thieves have firmly secured the second seed in the LCS Championship with this victory, finishing the season just behind reigning LCS champions Evil Geniuses in the Summer Split standings. 100 Thieves closed out the summer by winning nine of their final 10 games. With the second seed in the postseason comes the luxury of a first-round bye, meaning 100 Thieves will only have to win three best-of-five playoff series to raise another banner in the LCS studio. 

The remainder of the postseason field will be decided by the end of todays slate of games, while the Summer Playoffs are set to begin on Aug. 20. 

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