10 anime crossovers we’d love to see Blizzard bring to Overwatch 2 next

We need these anime skins.

Getting new skins in a game can be a great way to show your personality and customize your favorite characters. In gaming, anime collaborations have become quite popular, with the most recent being Overwatch 2’s collaboration with One-Punch Man.

This collaboration features four Overwatch heroes getting limited-edition skins, including a Saitama skin for Doomfist, a Terrible Tornado skin for Kiriko, a Genos skin for Genji, and a Mumen Rider skin for Soldier 76.

When choosing an anime character for a skin for a specific character, you typically want the two to look alike and have similar abilities or weapons. Their lore or backstories might also be taken into consideration. That way, there aren’t too many discrepancies between the two characters when a skin has been created.

While some of the Overwatch 2 x One-Punch Man skins have been well-received, others have not, especially Genji’s skin, because players believe other anime characters would have been better suited for him.

So, these are the ten anime crossovers we’d love to see in Overwatch 2 next.

10) Sailor Moon

Image via Sailor Moon and Blizzard Entertainment 

Sailor Moon is an iconic ’90s anime featuring the adventures of a schoolgirl named Usagi Tsukino, who can transform into a Sailor Senshi or Sailor Guardian called Sailor Moon. And these guardians are magical girls, each with unique powers. 

If there were a Sailor Moon x Overwatch crossover, the first character needing a Sailor Moon skin would be Mercy, specifically an Usagi Sailor Moon skin. While their personalities and lore are very different, they have healing and damaging abilities, making them a good and cute fit.

9) Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Image via Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Blizzard Entertainment

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is a dark yet comedic anime about two brothers, Edward and Alphonse Elric, who, in an attempt to bring back their deceased mother using Alchemy, end up losing more than they bargained forEd lost his arm and leg and Alphonse lost his entire body. So, his soul was sealed in a giant suit of armor.

If there were an FMAB x Overwatch crossover, the first character that would need an FMAB skin would be Ashe because she has B.O.B, a giant robot that can charge forward, do damage, and shoot cannons, and he already looks like Alphonse. Ed and Ashe share a dark past, where they’ve had to endure and struggle through terrible situations. 

8) Pokémon

Image via Pokémon and Blizzard Entertainment.

Pokémon is one of the most well-known and popular franchises with video games, movies, merch, and more. The anime series follows Ash, a Pokémon trainer, traveling across the regions looking for Pokémon and challenging Gym battles. 

If there were a Pokémon x Overwatch crossover, the first character that would need a skin would be Kiriko. She already has a similar look to Ash, and her ability, Kitsune Rush, resembles several of the fox Pokémon found in the series.

7) Cowboy Bebop 

Cowboy Bebop is a classic anime featuring bounty-hunter cowboys in space. Perpetually running out of money, the team travels across the solar system looking for jobs, but they can’t outrun their dark pasts.

If there were a Cowboy Bebop x Overwatch crossover, the first hero that would need a skin would be Cassidy because he is pretty similar to Spike Spiegel, the main character of Cowboy Bebop, as they both use guns and seek justice on their own terms. 

6) Chainsaw Man

Image via Chainsaw Man and Blizzard Entertainment

Chainsaw Man is a gore-filled action series where the human world is filled with demons. The main character, Denji, is robbed of everything and has a mountain of debt. But the only thing holding him together is his demon dog, Pochita, until they’re killed. Pochita merges with the deceased Denji and gives him devil powers.

If there were a Chainsaw Man x Overwatch crossover, the first hero that would need a skin would be Junkrat. They both thrive on chaos and destruction and come from harsh, unkind worlds. 

5) Attack on Titan

Image via Attack on Titan and Blizzard Entertainment

Attack on Titan is a dark-action anime set in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity lives behind giant walls to protect them from Titans, humanoid beings that kill and eat humans. 

If there were an Attack on Titan x Overwatch crossover, Reinhardt would be the first hero needing a skin, specifically a War Hammer Titan one. This is because Reinhardt uses a massive suit of armor with unique capabilities, similar to the War Hammer Titan. The War Hammer Titan can manipulate structures of hardened Titan flesh and use them as weapons, like a giant Hammer, which Reinhardt also uses.

4) Avatar: The Last Airbender

Image via Avatar: The Last Airbender and Blizzard Entertainment

Avatar: The Last Airbender follows the story of Aang, who lives in a world divided by four elements. And those who can wield them are called Benders.

However, after being encased in ice for many years, he is revived and discovers that his people were killed in a war and that the Fire Nation wants to conquer the world. And it’s up to him, as the one who can use all elements, to stop them.

If there were an Avatar x Overwatch crossover, the first hero to get a skin would be Zenyatta, as he and Aang share many similarities. They’re both monks, and they both want peace. Zenyatta’s orbs could also be changed to look like the different elements, and he and Aang have very similar markings on their heads, so it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to see an Aang skin for him. 

3) Bleach

Image via Bleach and Blizzard Entertainment

Bleach is an action and adventure anime revolving around a high school student who sees spirits. But after an evil ghost torments his sisters, his life changes and he becomes a Shinigamisomeone who helps maintain the balance between the living world and the world of the dead.

If there was a Bleach x Overwatch crossover, the first hero that should get a skin should be Hanzo, who would get an Uryu Ishida one. This is because the two are very similar in that they both use a bow and have dark pasts. 

2) Overlord

Image via Overlord and Blizzard Entertainment

Overlord is an anime filled with twists that you least expect. It follows the journey of a veteran player, Momonga, who refuses to log out of a game that’s shutting down. However, he soon discovers that the NPCs have begun to develop personalities and decides to investigate and dominate the new world where he’s found himself.

If there were an Overlord x Overwatch collaboration, the first hero that should get a skin would be Ramattra, as he and the main character of Overlord, Momonga, or Ainz Ooal Gown, are eerily similar. They’re both brutal and want to become rulers of their worlds. They also have similar-looking abilities and look quite alike. 

1)  Black Clover

Image via Black Clover and Blizzard Entertainment

Black Clover is a shonen anime filled with action and adventure. Asta is a young boy living in the Clover Kingdom who doesn’t have any mana but wants to become a Magic Knight. During the exam, he impresses the captain of a ragtag group of Magic Knights. Thus beginning his adventures battling demons and several evils.

If there were a Black Clover x Overwatch crossover, there would be so many heroes that need a Black Clover skin, including a Magna skin for Junkrat, as they both are wild, chaotic, and explosive.

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