00 Nation and 9z swap CS:GO snipers

It sounds like a good deal for everyone involved.

00 Nation and 9z made the trade of their respective CS:GO AWPers official yesterday, days after a report came out. The Brazilian Lucas “nqz” Soares has joined 00 Nation, while the Argentinian Santino “try” Regal returned to 9z.

The roster change will allow both players, nqz and try, to once again communicate in their mother languages. Try left 9z in January 2022 to play for 00 Nation and averaged a 1.13 rating while playing with the Brazilians, according to HLTV. Nqz, on the other hand, was a part of 9z since June 2022, when he replaced the Argentinian Luca “Luken” Nadotti and averaged a 1.19 rating during his stint with the South American mix, according to HLTV.

This roster change almost didn’t happen. The good performances of nqz in 2022 also put him on the wishlist of Fluxo, and the organization led by the Free Fire star Nobru was in advanced talks with 9z to sign the 17-year-old Brazilian AWPer, according to a report by Dust 2 Brasil. 00 Nation ended up spoiling the deal as 9z preferred to swap nqz with try and get the Argentinian sniper back.

While try will join 9z and instantly become the star of the team once again, nqz will have the chance to prove his worth while playing with some of Brazil’s most experienced players in form of back-to-back Major winners in 2016 coldzera and TACO. Nqz has been considered one of the best Brazilian CS:GO youngsters for some time but has never played with the best players in the country.

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