/votekick: ESL removes viewer from IEM Rio CS:GO Major venue after offensive gestures

The IEM Rio Major crowd keeps surprising everyone at home.

A 16-year-old Brazilian viewer has been removed from the Riocentro venue, where the IEM Rio CS:GO Major is currently taking place, after swearing and making offensive gestures during the Vitality vs. OG match today, according to a report by HLTV’s Brazilian vertical Dust 2 Brasil.

The viewer, identified by his initials T.d.A.S, told Dust 2 Brasil he was taken off the premises by two security workers at the beginning of the Vitality vs. OG match and can’t enter the arena anymore throughout the day. ESL confirmed the incident in a statement to Dust 2 Brasil.

“The supporter was taken out of the venue by the security team after repetitive physical and verbal threats sent to teams in the first days of the event, which caused him to be removed from the location,” ESL said.

T.d.A.S told Dust 2 Brasil that he doesn’t know if it was one of the Vitality or OG players who demanded his removal from the premises or if it was one of the players from the previous days. Today, he was going to support Vitality.

“I arrived to support Vitality and I swore at OG a bit,” he said. “The game was in the first pistol when two securities came and told me to leave because someone asked ESL to remove me. That person said he wouldn’t play with me in front of them.”

T.d.A.S suspects that he was removed for making what he called “the Reaper gesture.” This is a throat-slitting gesture made popular by some well-known Brazilian soccer players like former Flamengo and Fluminense player Henrique Ceifador and former Flamengo player Gerson. The 16-year-old said he didn’t truly mean to do this and that it was just a joke, like it is for those familiar with soccer in Brazil.

The 16-year-old regrets swearing and making offensive gestures because he was removed from the arena, but told Dust 2 Brasil he’d keep swearing “a bit less” without a doubt and would keep supporting the Brazilian teams.

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