LEVEL UP II - Freshers Event
LEVEL UP your Freshers (this is the second event taking place at Platform Bar London)
Bringing student gamers and esports fans under one roof! Hang out with new pals over a few beverages. And if you fancy it, take on a mate in tournaments for —Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Apex Legends Duos
We'll be supplying exclusive merch and we'll get things going with a free beer on arrival. What more could you want?
And if that's not enough.....for a lucky few, we'll be handing out some special gifts!

Start date | time

October 11th, 2022 | 18:00 - 23:00

2b Worship St, London EC2A 2AH, United Kingdom

Absolutely free. Join us for must-see esport competitions at your local bars.

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FREE CAMDEN ON ARRIVAL. Get a free can of Camden Hells on Arrival