Throw down the gauntlet to your friends and showcase your League knowledge by predicting the outcome of matches throughout the LLA season.

You can also watch your favorite teams play live to have a better chance at predicting next weeks outcome!

By playing this game, I'm certifying that I am over 18 years old.
How to play
New to the Challenge? Get a rundown on the basics and start earning weekly prizes for beating your friends.

You’ll be competing against other players from your home country in a weekly leaderboard that resets at the end of the week. Accumulate points by correctly predicting match outcomes and climb the ladder to snatch the loot!
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Earn rewards
Every week, unique prizes are up for grabs for the top performing players of each country.
Teclado Gaming Keyboard, 10x Hextech chest
Beerhouse coupon $200 + 15 Hextech chest
Kit Merch Poker + Chest + Tap it points