How to organize an event at your bar

Simple steps to follow to organize an esports event at your bar via Cooldown

Once you have created your bar owner profile and added your bar, it’s time to organize an event and start receiving esports fans in your bar.

In case you do not have a bar owner profile or you did not add your bar yet, check our article How to create a bar owner profile in Cooldown.

Now, let’s jump into the 8 simple steps to help you organize your first event:

Step 1: Inside your bar owner profile, go to My bars:

Step 2: Click on the bar where you want to host the event:

For this example, let’s use Testbar:

Step 3: Click on Create event:

Step 4: Choose if it is for an upcoming esports match or a custom event that you want to create.

Upcoming esports match: we offer a wide range of upcoming events that esports fans are interested in watching. We provide you the link to put it on the TV of your bar.

Custom event: feel free to create any kind of event that esports fans will be able to find in Cooldown.

We will continue this manual from the perspective of upcoming esports matches.

Step 5: Select which game is the event from.

We recommend to sign up to our newsletter to be informed of what are the most important esports events that can attract many esports fans to your bar.

Step 6: Select the specific stream (match) that you want to broadcast in your bar:

Step 7: Fill in the required data:

-         Event name: by default it is the actual name of the esports event, but you can modify it.

-         Event description: make it appealing to attract esports fans!

-         Capacity

-         Start date & time

-         End date & time

Step 8: Want to add any promo to attract more esports fans?

Once you are ready, click on Create event and see how esports fans start signing up! ?

Here is how the event looks in your profile:

If you have any doubts, our team is always happy to help. Just send us an email to

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