How to create a bar owner profile in Cooldown

How to create a bar owner profile and add your bar in 5 minutes

There are 3 simple steps to start hosting esports viewing parties in your bar:

1.      Create your bar owner profile

2.      Add your bar

3.      Organize an event (Click here to check our article about organizing events)

In this article we guide you through the first two steps. It is easy and takes less than 5 minutes ?

As we like to say in Cooldown, let’s make it real!

Step 1: In the top right corner of the website, go to Login/Register (image below) or use this link:

Step 2: In the window that pops up, click on Register

Step 3: Select “I am a bar owner”

Step 4: Enter the following data:

-         Username (it is your user name as bar owner. You will be able to add the name of your bar in later steps)

-         Email address

-         Date of birth

-         Country

-         Password

Tick I have read and I do agree with T&Cs and Privacy

Tick I agree to receiving our newsletter or we won’t be able to send you information about what esports events to hold!

Your bar owner profile has been created ? Now it is time add your bar!

How to add a bar:

Step 1: Click in the top right corner to enter your profile:

Step 2: Inside the profile, go to My bars

Step 3: To add a bar, click on the square with a cross in the center.

Step 4: Fill in the required data:

-         Name of your bar

-         Description

-         Capacity

-         Location

Once you have entered the address, our search engine will automatically spot your bar in the map and offer you the option of filling the phone number, website and opening hours from Google, in case you are there. If not, you can always add them manually. After filling this data, click on Add Bar (bottom right corner).

Your bar has been added ? The profile will look like this:

Step 5: Let’s make it more appealing for our esports fans by adding photo!

To do so, click on the blue pencil icon in the top right corner and upload a nice photo of your bar.

This is how it will look like in our bars page:

Welcome to Cooldown! Now you are ready to start hosting events ?

Check our article on “How to organize an event” and start receiving esports fans in your bar.

In case of any doubts, our team is always happy to help ->

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