Everything you ever wanted to know about esports viewing parties

Discover what esports viewing parties are and why you should attend to enjoy the best esports events with your friends

Esports viewing parties had already started becoming a weekend routine for so many people before Covid-19 struck. As time passes by and every government starts loosening their restrictive measures, it seems more likely that we’ll get back to our normal ways sooner rather than later. We think that even more people will be interested in going to esports viewing parties because during the quarantining and social distancing many people have turned to gaming and watching esports as a way out of the dark present that was upon us. Now, esports events organizers are coming back stronger than ever to get as many people as possible back in the arenas and in front of their monitors watching and cheering their favorite teams!

The growth of the esports scene

Bigger companies like Logitech, Korean giants SK Telecom, AB InBev, English Premier League, as well as some smaller companies who have seen the chance in it, have started pumping big money into esports competitions as well as esports teams. Competitions and teams have started getting TV deals to broadcast their events on many platforms. Not just YouTube, Twitch TV, and FB Gaming. Today, esports competitions are being streamed on television programs all over the world, and millions of people are watching their favorite games, and people even have their favorite teams that they want to win the competitions. At this point of time even some betting platforms like BetWay, Spin Palace, and Casumo have started implementing some better-known esports competitions. With this, even more money will get into esports and esports streams improving their quality as well as the quality of the competitions.

With all this being said, today we will be talking about what you as a regular esports viewer (or an esports bar owner) need to know about esports viewing parties.

Esports viewing parties are the same thing as sports watchalongs

Hardcore gamers and even more casual gamers have seen this as a great way to help their gaming community grow and socialize. Just like any other sport, viewers of the esports competitions need a place to gather and talk about the changes their teams need to make to become the best! So, what are the pros and cons of Esports viewing parties? In our opinion, there are lots of pros to going out and watching a game with your friends, and to be honest not really a lot of cons.


·        Growth of the community

·        Socialization

·        New Friendships

·        More places to hang out

·        Good Beer


As we mentioned before we don’t think that there are lots of cons in esports viewing parties.

What do viewers get out of esports viewing parties?

To answer this question, we must understand that we are social beings. So, understandably we need to socialize, and bars are a great place to do just that!

As an esports viewer, the best place, where you can meet people with similar interests is an esports bar. We’d imagine that this would be a new experience for you as there will be chanting, yelling, and most of all cheering. The most important thing that you’ll get out of esports watching parties is meeting new people with similar interests, a new option when you’re going out, and most importantly, you’ll learn new things about the game by socializing with more people. Even if you’re not the person in your friend group who watches a lot of esports, but you are a casual gamer, you can visit these events every once in a while, and surprise your hardcore gamer friends. 

What do bar owners get out of esports viewing parties?

There are a lot of people watching esports events at home, and if you’re a bar owner, you might not see the plus side of organizing these esports viewing parties for your visitors. But think of esports viewing parties as mainstream sports watchalongs. Why do mainstream sports viewers need to gather around and watch their favorite team play football? Well, it’s the same with esports viewing parties too. People don’t need to get out of their homes, but as the esports scene is growing, there are more and more people wanting to go out in a bar and watch their favorite team. If you’d like to find out more things about how this would be beneficial for your bar, read our article on “Why esports viewing parties are interesting for bar owners.”

What do esports events get out of esports viewing parties?

The main thing that an esports event might be getting out of esports viewing parties and the bars that are organizing it is more exposure to people who love gaming but haven’t watched any esports events. With getting your event in front of more people’s eyes, you’ll also get more sponsors that want to get exposure, so that’s even more money pumped into the industry, which will help you improve the quality of your competitions whether being by increasing the pool prize or improving on other things.


Esports viewing parties are a great way to gather whole communities of gamers and present to them a new experience of watching their favorite esports events. The perfect thing is the fact that they don’t even have to watch esports events to enjoy the night out with their friends. These watch parties would be a great place for you – the gamers, to exchange thoughts on how your team could improve as well as meet new friends who love your favorite team. 

Thanks for taking the time to go through our article. Hope you enjoyed reading it! If you did, make sure to share it with your gaming community if you’re a gamer and tell us what you would expect out of your night out watching your favorite team in your favorite game?

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