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Zaalverhuur Grolsch Sportcafé
Franciscusweg 6-A, 1216 SK Hilversum, Nederland
Vier jou feest in het Grolsch Sportcafé. Wij bieden u de mogelijkheid uw eigen catering- en bar te verzorgen, zonder daar extra voor te hoeven betalen!
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Stee Rom
The building is not immediately attractive from the outside, but the cafe is really nice and cozy. Friendly staff, all arranged well. Super party can celebrate there
2 years ago
Trudy Huiting
Bad experience with wedding party. Have to sign a contract when discussing and immediately have question marks. We were assured, however, that this was not taken so closely, but that it was set up because there had once been a youth party in which everything was almost demolished. Evening started pleasantly until a song was sung for us and people sprinkled some confetti. Although this was cleared up immediately, the hall owner reacted rather hysterically. Ultimately there is 100! withheld from our deposit. Unfortunately...
2 years ago
Janny Pormes de Jong
Nice room for a party. Ample free parking.
2 years ago
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