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4 Clarence St W, Belfast BT2 7GP, Verenigd Koninkrijk
Beers and sports.
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+44 28 9067 7707
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Brian Boyd
As a bar this place has gone to the dogs. They have stopped paying for Sky Sports. Absent staff - just witnessed the bar manager ignore a customer who left. Zero atmosphere outside of Fri and Saturday evenings. What was once a top bar is now sadly lacking
2 years ago
Michelle Mullan
We were here lastnight with new friends. Beautiful meal. Lovely friendly staff. Food was lovely and hot. No complaints. Great food and great company.
2 years ago
Stephen Cousins
Food here used to be great. Ordered the chuck burger and what landed was disappointing, just the bun and some slightly fatty meat thrown in, no toppings or anything. Poor show.
2 years ago
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