New Meta Gaming Arena
116H Upper St, South Arcade, London N1 1QP
+44 20 3319 0106
Capacity: 100
"An esports arena in the heart of North London. Come to game on high-end gaming PCs, enjoy bubble tea or a selection of soft and alcoholic drinks or just come to be a part of the gaming community. Open until late. Gamers welcome"
Where you can find us
paolo njoku
6 months ago
An amazing new place for video games, love it! The Perfect place for gaming in London. Great atmosphere, great price and a bunch of comfortable stations to choose from but my personal favourite are the isolated rooms upstairs. They are perfect for streaming and dates too. The staff is welcoming, friendly and super helpful. If you are hungry or want to snack they also have pizza and bubble tea. They also give you an extra hour if you sign up for the first time, so I will recommend it. Me and my friend a lot of fun, can't wait until they add the PS5 so I can beat him on that too.
7 months ago
I go there with my friends often and it's so fun. The pc's are great, the place looks awesome, the music on is always good, events are often and all the staff are really nice.
7 months ago
Had a lot of fun playing Dota with my mates here today. The prices are quite affordable and the computers are extremely powerful. Definitely coming back again!
Gil Myers
7 months ago
Brilliant new space just opened up in Islington. Two floors of high-spec PCs set up for a fun few hours of shared gaming - including some closed off multiplayer tournament rooms if needed. Everything we needed for family gaming afternoon. The staff are lovely and very helpful. They were always on hand to help and support. The bubble tea was the best according to my daughter. I couldnt fault anything. Definitely recommend checking it out. Well be back to see how it develops and what new things will be added. Cant recommend it enough.
Connor Brown
7 months ago
High quality machines and really friendly staff. Good pricing and plenty of food and drinks options. Great way to spend an evening with friends and to make new ones!