Gammax Gaming & Esports Center
Kurhausweg 2a, 2587 RT Den Haag, Netherlands
Capacity: 140
Gammax is a Dutch Gaming & Esports startup with an 535m2 large Gaming & Esports facility located in Scheveningen Beach (The Hague), Gammax is creating social meeting places for gaming and esports fans. The first esports center opened February 2022 and offers more than 70 high-end gaming PC's.
Where you can find us
Luna Lamet
a year ago
Richard Garsthagen
a year ago
Warning: If you do not have steam/epic/rockstar/battlenet account you will be extremely frustrated. Most games do NOT work if you can not login your self. Gammax claims to offer the games, but like for all 69 PCs they have 1! GTA license. the place is not even 15% busy, but we get constantly license errors. If you have licenses yourself they place is nice. With the unlimited drinks and reasonable snack prices for sure a place to have fun. I wanted a fun family activity, but found a lot of frustration that we were not able to play all together. If you have no game licenses, their PCs only offer 7 free games, so very limited. UPDATE: as response to owner. Yes we did speak to the staff and were told they only had one license for GTA and that they were considering buying more. The other games we did a lot of retries on and got some to work eventually. My suggestion would be to add at least an FAQ to your site, informing customer about this topic and other. Before we joined I was curious if there was for instance a minimum age. As there is no phone number and a contact form, that I did not get any reply on, maybe a FAQ would better inform your customers, just a hint :-)
Julian Meppelder
a year ago