Dive Bar Grill
12 Tib Street, Manchester, M60 1TA, United Kingdom
+44 161 826 3080
Capacity: 450
Bar/Nighclub/Restaurant everything that you want we have it!
Where you can find us
Alice O'Hagan
2 years ago
Always fab drinks, service friendly. Love the blood orange margarita! Music is a great vibe too.
Kiyaa Fordd
2 years ago
The outdoor terrace was lovely especially with the heaters, and the vegetarian options were great! Our server was fun and attentive and when booking Stefania was sensational. Great vibes all around!
Yomi Que
2 years ago
The music and spacious dance floor makes up for the rather expensive drinks in here. Highly recommend for anyone looking to just vibe and have a good night.
Greg Clark
2 years ago
Had dinner here with a large group. The fact they could seat us at late notice was a positive but then we could kinda understand why when we got there. We booked for 6pm and already the music was so damn loud, we couldn't even hold a conversation with each other across the table. Had to ask them to turn it down, which in fairness they did, but not before testing the smoke machines about half a dozen times which made things even LOUDER in there. I don't think we were the only people eating there that didn't like it. Very uncomfortable atmosphere. Not to mention the lads "sniffing" a lot in the bathroom, the absolute state of the other clientele. Very weird vibe. Avoid unless you've not got any other choice, or perhaps you like rowdy noise holes. Only positive - the food was pretty decent. Beware the lobster tempura tho - you get a tiny little bowl for over a tenner...
Daryl Myers
2 years ago
Had a great day there are teles everywhere! Don't have to worry about where you're sat for the game you will be able to see it. Drink service was on point, our tables were ready for us 15 lads on a stag, we always had a drink and didn't need to move a muscle. It got very busy and we're always taken care of. I couldn't recommend Dive Bar more for the football and food.