Woodrow Wilsonplein 4, Gent, 9000 East Flanders, Belgium
Capacity: 150
Eat & Drink, Come & Play! Come together with friends, colleagues or family and experience a moment of joy. Barvatar combines the pleasure of food, drinks & games with an unseen offer of fun, events, competitions & education. Welcome at Barvatar, the hotspot for gamers lifestyle & esports!
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a year ago
Enorm toffe nieuwe bar om met een aantal vrienden even te chillen. Een zeer breed aanbod van party games tot "serieuze" PC-games terwijl je ondertussen geniet van een lekker biertje.
Francis Dv
a year ago
Wat een toplocatie! Onze kinderen hebben er topnamiddag gehad. Ideaal verjaardagsfeestje! Meerwaarde voor onze stad Gent!
Vincent DB
a year ago
Super toffe locatie waar je iets gezellig kan drinken, eten en natuurlijk ook wat gamen!
a year ago
This gaming bar is the place to be for all the cyberathletes who would like to perform professionally while enjoying some typical beverages like bears. I am myself very excited to go there at the end of april 2022 because I heard they will host some amazing events where legendary teams like follow.rtcw professional eSports cklub since 2008 will attend. I just hope that the airconditioning device works like a charm or that I will be allowed to keep my mask inside because I had some previous bad experience with nerds not taking showers at lan events. Other than that yes great computer bar.
Guillaume Beuzelin
a year ago
I went there for the opening and I really liked the place. The bar has 3 areas. A classic one to have a drink, one with TV to play Switch or Playstation and a last one with computers for gamers. The atmosphere was great gaming but not super geek. I will be happy to bring none gamer friends with me here.