Mother Kelly’s
251 Paradise Row, St. Peter's, London, E2 9LE, United Kingdom
Under railway arches, this industrial bar and shop with a patio offers draft and bottled beers.
Where you can find us
Matthew Lockwood
2 years ago
This place is great after a West Ham Match. Come here most Sat/Sun after the game and always different beer on tap, they have a real selection of Pale Ales, Stouts etc- don’t come here if you like traditional lager- there is nearly always no lager on the menu. Fantastic atmosphere and staff always really friendly and attentive. Great communal atmosphere
Chantelle Daniels
2 years ago
Lovely atmosphere in here, great to come in for after work drinks or a relaxed pint or two at the weekend. Fantastic selection of beers ranging from sours to stouts and everything in between. Also the ability to buy beers from the fridge and take them home is a really good idea!
Dan Burns
2 years ago
Brilliant chain of taprooms, staff are always friendly and sometimes you can see the odd dog. Always something on that you would never have had before. Huge selection of beers in fridges ready to drink in or takeaway.
Ben Jefferies
2 years ago
Great bar, excellent selection of beers on tap. Good service. Decent amount of seating. Takeout beers from the fridges.
J Raphael Richards
3 years ago
Excellent brewpub with TV for sport (Wimbledon was on!) and fantastic selection of craft beer. Sun comes in in the summer and it's a very nice place to spend an afternoon/evening. They also have sparkling water on tap for free which is a rare treat! There's a bit of food available but you're also really close to some other nice places around Bethnal green if that doesn't take your fancy! Service is great, clientele are nice too.